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News: Welcome to the Scottish Weather Network Forum
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 General Information / Members Introductions / Re: Hello from Orkney
 on: December 15, 2016, 11:43:50 pm 
Started by Feaquoy - Last post by Budgie
Hi Ian and welcome to the networks.
It's nice to have another Orkadian station as the owner of the one on Sanday is away at the moment, so the station isn't reporting.

This forum isn't that active with conversation but members do check it out regularly so if you have any questions then feel free to ask and someone will help out, if they can.


 General Information / Members Introductions / Hello from Orkney
 on: December 14, 2016, 09:42:32 pm 
Started by Feaquoy - Last post by Feaquoy
I have recently joined the network and hope you will find the output from my weather station a helpful addition.   It has been quite an unusual autumn here,  no strong gales, quite mild and below average rainfall (so far).  I'll probably regret these words!

As well as the weather, which was a bit breezy today, I am also interested in birds and you will find some photos on my website.

Best wishes


 General Information / Members Introductions / Re: another newbie
 on: November 11, 2016, 10:02:35 pm 
Started by sandy - Last post by sandy
The windspeed part of my Techno line WS2350 has stopped turning  Sad, I had a look and don't think the 2350 is about any more, would anyone like to suggest a wired weather station that could replace it that's not too expensive  Smiley

 General Information / General Discussion / Re: Problem with my Davis Anemometer
 on: August 11, 2016, 04:16:53 pm 
Started by Shetland Coastie - Last post by garyburnett44
Thanks for your reply. I have tried all the fixes suggested on various forums to no avail. Also there is no wind speed showing, as well as the previous direction error that we both had. I would guess that there is some electronic fault as per your reply. As my station is over 5 years old, I will probably get a new one rather than trying to fix the old. Just considering getting a vantage pro so if any individual components break they can be replaced.

 General Information / General Discussion / Re: Problem with my Davis Anemometer
 on: August 11, 2016, 11:10:22 am 
Started by Shetland Coastie - Last post by skyewright
Quote from: Shetland Coastie on June 21, 2016, 12:35:20 pm
Having a problem with my Davis anemometer. The speed is showing ok but not the direction, it "snaps to north." Am I right in thinking this is a short circuit somewhere caused by damage to the cable or is it worth checking the tightening screw on the wind vane (which means taking the flipping pole down lol)?
Sorry for the late reply...

The direction shows N if there is a break in the cable. It does that because the (intentional) gap in the potentiometer track inside the anemometer head is at N, hence so far as the base unit is concerned a break indicates N.

This means that it also shows N if a gap has worn in the potentiometer track, but that isn't a continuous thing it just means that you get a N instead of the real direction if the vane is directly over the worn spot.

I've had a potentiometer fault happen twice now & each time the Davis was reporting N when the vane was around WSW (our prevailing direction) till it was fixed. The fix on both occasions was to replace the potentiometer (first time I had the anemometer repaired, second time I bought a new anemometer so that I now have one to put up while the other is being repaired if it happens again...).

 General Information / Announcements / New Network Map
 on: August 01, 2016, 08:32:58 pm 
Started by Budgie - Last post by Budgie

There is a new Scottish Weather Network map available for you to download and use on your websites.
This was created by Ken True, who constructed the website template we use on the network, and uses Google Maps instead of a map I have to create & edit each time a new station joins.
Have a look at the SCWN home page to see the new map in action.

You can download the map script direct from Ken's own website at:

Here's what he wrote about it on the Weather-Watch Forum:
It's been about 10 years since the first regional weather network (Southwestern) offered a mesonet map with rotating conditions display. Now with 39 active regional networks, it was time for an update to the display software that makes it easier on both member stations and the regional admins to display and maintain the mesonet maps.

I've just completed a V3.00 of the Regional Mesonet Map code (formerly [netID]-mesomap.php, now just mesonet-map.php or wxmesonetmap.php with my template ).  This could be completed only after I found a markerWithLabels that could work with markerClusterer in the maps.. that didn't exist until recently, and I'd been looking since 2014 for a good one.

This one code base is multilingual with built in mesonet-map-lang-LL.txt files and has settings in mesonet-map-settings.php. All the languages supported by the Regional networks are included.  It does produce only ISO-9959-n character codes (sorry.. had to do that for template compatibility).

As it's Google-based, it needs a Google Browser JavaScript Map API key (like the global-map.php code) which can be set in the mesonet-map-settings.php or a global $SITE['googleAPI'] key like the global-map.php.

I've put together some docs at and you can download the package from there.

Hopefully, it will make it easier for the regional network admins to maintain, as it's driven from the [netID]-stations-cc.txt and [netID]-conditions.txt files on each regional hub.  I think each hub-master will have to decide to use the new one in place of the original one for their network, but anybody can use the new mesonet-map.php on their website.

The master regional networks definition file is maintained on and the script fetches it every 6 hours normally.  The data and stations files are fetched every 5 minutes from the regional hub for that network for display.

My thanks to Wim (Leuven template), for the idea to use tabber.js to have easy toggling between map, conditions, station features, and regional networks links tabs -- it made the presentation much easier and compact.

For regional network member stations, you won't have to run the mesomap-update-utility.php to keep your map in sync with the regional hub for your network -- the software will ensure the display is always up-to-date.  Your network hub does not have to switch to the new map for you to use this map instead of the [netID]-mesomap.php on your site.
If your network hub does switch to this software, then you will need to use it too as the old map will no longer display accurately the conditions at station locations on the old graphic map.

For regional network admins, if you implement for your regional network, you can put '0,0,0,0' for the coordinates of new stations in the [netID]-stations-cc.txt file and just make sure the latitude/longitude is set correctly.
And, you won't need to use Paint.NET to edit the graphic any more.. just the one [netID]-stations-cc.txt file would need to be maintained in the same manner as before.  Please let me know if you decide to implement on your network to replace the original [netID]-mesomap.php, and also let your member stations know if you elect to switch the network to using the V3 software for maps.

Best regards,

I will add the download file to the SCWN server soon, but I'm giving it a week or two before I do that in case there are any updates Ken wants to add now it's gone live.


 General Information / General Discussion / Re: Problem with my Davis Anemometer
 on: July 17, 2016, 04:23:11 pm 
Started by Shetland Coastie - Last post by garyburnett44
I am having exactly the same issue. My wind direction reverts to east or occasionally north east. I tried resetting the console but that did not work. I am not sure if it is possible to replace parts on the ISS. While everything else is working I am not taking the ISS apart in case I break something else.Sorry I can't solve the problem but I will keep looking for solutions.

 General Information / General Discussion / Problem with my Davis Anemometer
 on: June 21, 2016, 12:35:20 pm 
Started by Shetland Coastie - Last post by Shetland Coastie

Having a problem with my Davis anemometer. The speed is showing ok but not the direction, it "snaps to north." Am I right in thinking this is a short circuit somewhere caused by damage to the cable or is it worth checking the tightening screw on the wind vane (which means taking the flipping pole down lol)?

Just to add, the wind vane is moving with the wind the direction data just doesn't seem to be getting back to the console.

 General Information / Members Introductions / Old member returning
 on: February 19, 2016, 07:02:34 pm 
Started by masseyjim - Last post by masseyjim
Hello not been around for a good few years , however redundancy allows for more time to be free to observe the weather . Since i have always had an interest in the weather because of my job( Gardener )  I am now able to have my own station a Watson  8681 solar . and got it up and running today I am keen to get it uploaded and sharing the Ayrshire near coastal weather with every one .

 on: February 04, 2016, 09:57:41 pm 
Started by MBweather - Last post by MBweather
Hi, Like me I suspect a lot of weather enthusiasts out there, own and operate their own digital weather station. This is good fun and certainly helps us to understand our local weather. With wifi and the everywhere accessible internet, these home weather stations can link to many crowd weather sites such as the Scottish Weather Network, Wunderground and the Met Office WOW program. Calibrating, re calibrating, and checking the accuracy of home weather stations is often missed out of the instruction manuals.
For those interested in making your observations as good as they can be, you may be interested in a lecture entitled “HOW TO MAKE YOUR WEATHER OBSERVATIONS AS GOOD AS THEY CAN BE” to be given by Dr. Geoff Jenkins OBE from the Met Office and who writes regular articles in the Weather Magazine about weather instruments. The lecture is being organised jointly by The Royal Meteorological Society and the University of the Highlands and Islands at their new Inverness College Campus. It’s a free event and everybody is welcome. There will be live video conferencing links to Perth College, Stornoway College and Thurso College. (If there is demand for these locations only) The date is the 10th of February at 7.00pm with tea and coffee at 6.30pm Hope to see you there. Any more info required, please let me know.

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